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Hello & Greetings from Kripa Revival Center. India’s strategy of early & strict lockdown appears to not have worked. As cities are getting unlocked, the surge and spikes are beginning to show. Currently, we are the second worst hit country by the coronavirus pandemic in the world after the United States.Its more than just a matter of concern to every Indian. We’ve got to beat this virus at its own game by avoiding public exposure as much as possible. Please continue to take precautions of wearing a mask, following hygiene and social cum physical distancing measures. Till either the vaccine or cure arrives, this is as much as can be done. Do take care.

In our last few posts we have touched upon the topic of Intervention – its meaning, necessity and process of ‘staging’ an intervention. In this semi concluding post, we will touch upon the types of Intervention. Just as there is no single way to treat a disease, there are different types of Interventions.

In the first one – called the Johnson Model – is the most effective one as it makes no bones about being confrontational in its approach. Family members & friends join together and insist on the addict to undergo treatment.

The second approach – called the Love First approach – is staged at home, usually by the family members. Once again, the addict is encouraged to seek treatment. No excuses are accepted. If any, they are usually taken care of by
the family sharing those responsibities. If the addict gets aggressive, the family stays calm, having previously agreed
not to get hostile in response.

In both the above types, the family usually expresses their feelings fully, appealing to the addict. Sometimes, letters are written addressing the addict and feelings are shared fully, and how the addiction has affected each one of them deeply.

Tough Love intervention is another type of intervention. Here parents use ‘tough love’ to encourage (‘force’) children to get help from a rehab center. Should they refuse, parents may choose to stop assisting them financially or even ask them to leave the house. An intervention specialist may assist the parents in this method.

The last type of intervention – the Confrontational one – is an aggresive type. It challenges the addicts behaviour and uses all sorts of appeals – including emotional – to force the addict to stop. Sadly, studies have shown that a confrontational approach may not be as effective as other approaches. Usually, the addict reacts negatively and things go from bad to worse. It will be rare if an addict agrees to rehabilitation as a result of this approach.

It should be noted that Interventions are never easy to conduct, yet for the addict, they can make a difference between life and death. So persist with offering treatment options to your loved one with the hope that they see sense and choose to make a change for the better.

If you need our services, including for intervention, please do not hesitate to contact us on 98.453.10070 to learn more about Kripa Revival Centre on offer to anyone who wishes to be rehabilitated from substance abuse disorder, prevent relapse and stay sober. We have trained and experienced professionals to help you get back to long term recovery. Don’t Delay!

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