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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Here’s the second of our real life stories. We feature John (name changed in order to protect privacy) in this story.

Let’s be contrarian this time and start at the end. John is in his early 50’s, of average height and build, with strong arms, and a helpful demeanour. His face is pleasant but stern, somewhat like a benevolent school principal but one who could also be strict if he chose to. Still, it belies the pain & suffering that he has been through. What started with cigarette smoking, an attempt to appear macho with his peer group in school snowballed to marijuana, brown sugar & later full blown alcohol addiction over 30 years. Over this long period, interminable at times, John has experienced parental disapproval & disappointment, pain, fear, sorrow, separation, job losses, seen death at close quarters, suffered depression, and experienced low self esteem and zero self confidence.

Rewind. The eldest in a family of 3 children born in a lower middle class family, John’s parents worked hard to ensure a decent education for him. He was a good student in high school and his 12th. Sadly, a wrong choice subsequently left him disinterested in further studies. Pursuing a computer skills programme, John could not shake off his addiction to drugs. Post his diploma, he got into his 1st job only to be fired for using company money to fuel his drugs addiction. Moving onto Mumbai, he found a new job in an oil & natural gas extraction company. Alienated & uprooted, John was now hooked to toking & chasing drugs, including a medicinal ones. He was caught and fired from his job. Thinking he’d settle down, he was married off; sadly, the relationship was broken due to his continuing relationship with drugs.

End of Part 1. Stay tuned as we continue John’s ordeal & redemption in the next installment of his story.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kripa Revival Centre on 9845310070 if you know someone who needs help overcoming substance abuse. Don’t delay or procrastinate‚Ķ.hurry!

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