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By 2nd year B.Com, Alex was so much into football and windsurfing that he had lost sight of studies. This was also the time when he was introduced to cigarettes. He also experienced his first crush on a girl. Scraping through his degree, he joined a polytechnic to complete his mechanical fitter course.Quite a popular guy on the beach, everybody knew Alex as a cool guy, one of the best windsurfers around. By now, he had graduated to drinking beer, his social circle grew and his neighbour introduced into to drugs, namely hash.

Alex had to leave his beloved Goa to work on an oil rig in Mumbai. While there, he got into alcohol heavily. With plenty of time and money, Alex was stumbling deeply into parties and a variety of drugs. His physical state was deteriorating and he began experiencing tremors, shaking and vomiting blood.

Concerned, his family checked him into a rehabilitation centre in Bangalore for 2 months. Fortunately, the stint at the rehabilitation centre stopped his cravings. Returning back to Mumbai he lost his job subsequently, having been found in possession of drugs! Abusing drugs and alcohol began once again, contemplating suicide at times.

To escape these dark thoughts, he returned back to Bangalore. With the help of sponsors and working in several rehabilitation centres, and staying away from substance abuse over a period of 13 years, he finally found his true calling in caring for other people.

Alex now says that while he was looking for the Lord, it was the Lord who found him, blessed him with strength to understand his life’s journey and gave him a new lease & calling for life!!

All of us at Kripa Revival Centre wish Alex the very best of peace and grace in his journey ahead.

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