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What can you say about a youngster, the last but most loved in a family of 5 children, who grew up literally on the beaches of Goa and played football like there was no tomorrow? Who aspired to play football for Goa’s premier football clubs and eventually the country? Who also managed to combine studies with his love for sports and get decent grades right up to his SSC, who remained unaffected by cigarettes, booze or drugs? Such was the promising career of, let’s call him Alex, who loved Goa beaches of the 80’s and 90’s, with its vast beaches and cavorting hippies. And then, life intruded! Alex’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and the traumatic event causes an upheaval in his life. Unable to cope with and see his mother in pain, Alex finds refuge in football and windsurfing, determined to become a champion in one or the other.

Part 2, soon.

Do not hesitate to contact Kripa on 98.453.10070 in case you need substance  abuse assistance for a loved one.

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