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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Here’s the second and concluding part of our real life story on John:

The first stirring of responsibility dawned on John when he realised the harm he was inflicting on himself. John got himself admitted into rehabilitation programmes over a period of 2 – 6 years; none of them really worked good enough for he found himself going back to his addiction habits.

Deeply concerned, his family got him a job abroad as they felt a change of environment would do him good. Over there, sadly, while his drug abuse stopped, he found himself addicted to the free availability of alcohol. Worried about the influence of his habits and erratic behaviour on their children, he was sent back to India directly to a rehabilitation centre.

John began attending sobriety programs at self help groups. He faced hiccups and setbacks initially but his resolve and determination carried him through. John says with pride that he has been clean for the past 7 years. He holds a very responsible position in an organisation and treats his job seriously and the owner with gratitude.

The Big Book of the Alcoholics Anonymous holds him in thrall, almost reflecting his personal circumstances, he says. The Serenity Prayer holds a special significance for him. His friends circle from the self help groups has gotten wider and they motivate and encourage each other to stay clean and sober. John is grateful for his new life and takes it one day at a time. He considers himself a better person now and has a strict code of ethics and values, is open minded and respectful of people.

“I am truly grateful for this new lease of life” he says and signs off. We wish God’s blessings on John and exit.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Kripa Revival Centre on 9845310070 if you know someone who needs help overcoming substance abuse. Don’t delay or procrastinate‚Ķ.hurry!

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