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Q1. How has the journey been so far, Dr. Benedict Reddy?

A: It has been a long and difficult journey the past 12 years that we have been in the service of those entrusted to us for rehabilitation & assisted recovery. We feel fulfilled when our patients recover and lead a normal life promising to work hard & to never travel down the road of addiction again. Me and my team look forward to making a difference in the lives of those who need a helping hand and guiding force. Kripa Revival Centre is an exclusive centre enabling those unfortunate incidental addicts to relinquish addiction & lead an independent normal life which they had before developing dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Q2. What have been the most fulfilling moments for you personally?

A: As a Founder, I find fulfillment in 2 ways. On one hand, I find it challenging to take on the responsibility of helping our inmates to deal with their past and help them chart a good future. On the other hand my sense of fulfillment comes from the fact that I have a great team who have stuck together with Kripa over a period of 12 years and who share my vision and mission. This is what gives me dual happiness.

Q3. How many patients have had their lives turned around by experiencing the care of your centre?

A: For me it’s more a matter of quality over quantity. With our limited intake policy, we strive hard together as a team to give our patients our undivided attention so as to get effective results. We have a lot of people who are doing well after their treatment here, but a few do go back to their old ways.

Q4. How is KRC different?

A: We are a government licensed and ISO certified exclusive residential rehabilitation centre with experienced professionals and personalized care. Kripa’s guiding passion is to create treatment that enhance the patients experience. Achieving this result requires a great deal of passion, and an unsual commitment to every detail of the treatment design. To us, a treatment that is intuitive, effective and reliable is not good enough. We demand that the treatment experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable. It is this philosophy that sets apart from our competition. Our knowledgeable, caring and experienced professionals offer the highest staff to patients ratio in the
region. All our staff have more that 15-20 years’ experience in the field of addiction. Unlike other rehabilitation centres, we do not take too many people to avoid dilution in our goal of best results.

Q5. It’s all about teamwork, isn’t it? Tell us about your team.

A: As I mentioned Kripa’s assets are the people who work for the institution. Between all the staff who work here, we have over 200 man years of experience that we use efficiently to achieve the mission of Kripa – redesigning the future of those who are entrusted in our care.

Contact Kripa Revival Centre on 98453 10070 if you or someone you know needs help!

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