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In a last ditch attempt, Anand checked into rehab through self help groups like Alcoholic Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous. An ardous journey that lasted all of 2years and by God’s grace and the people who work through him, it transformed him into a changed man. It’s been 17years now, he’s clean and proud of the fact. He stays clear of not just drugs but any medical product with ingredients that could yank him back to the past. He attributes his determination to his religious beliefs and is convinced 100% that the holy spirit filled a void in his life which reformed him.

Man’s spirit, Anand says, is destructive by nature but God’s is constructive. Those on a recovery and clean mode must treat everyday as a Thanksgiving day. His day starts with Gratitude which keeps him in a positive frame of mind. He’s now fully self supportive of himself and has made amends with his family as well. His happiness has raised his self esteem so much so that, having been ‘receiving’ all these years, he’s now on a ‘giving’ mode – to blind schools, old age homes and orphanages.

Anand feels a strong connect to a higher power and has no worries about the future. I deserved what I got then, he says, but now I accept his divine love in all its glory.

“Thy will be done”! he says & signs off.

We thank Anand for sharing his life story with us.

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