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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Even as we are writing this, the overall number of CoVid positive cases in India have crossed the 1.6million mark, out of which more than 1.06million have recovered. The pandemic has caused around .36deaths, which is less than 2.5%. Globally, the total number is 17.3 million out of which 10.2million have recovered & with 674K deaths, the death rate is around 4%. In comparison, our fatality rate is lesser but that is no reason for us to relax. We continue to say that simple precautions such as wearing a mask, following social distancing measures and personal hygiene can help. Ensure you follow these norms for everyone’s benefit. Thank you!

During this month of July, our blog posts have focussed on the subject matter of Depression, its definition, signs, link to substance abuse and causes. In this last post, we talk about treatment of Depression.

Depression is an illness than needs medical treatment. There are multiple treatment options available. If the severity of the illness is high, a referral to a psychiatrist will be done by the doctor. Once physiological, cognitive and social factors are assessed by a mental health professional, appropriate
medical treatment will be recommended by a medical professional.

Though medication may seem like a solution to some of the symptoms of moderate to mild depression, it doesn’t address the underlying problem. It is also not a long term solution.

Hence medication, psychotherapy and / or a combination of the two is prescribed.

Within psychotherapy, the options include talk therapy, art, music and movement therapies.

Another useful technique is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is also a form of psychotherapy where a person – with a counselor – is taught to change their perceptions and how they should see things in their life. This leads to a positive effect on their behaviour and mood. CBT can help people see problems in a different light. With CBT, people can learn to reduce stress, cope with any relationship issues, deal with grieving and pain, and face many other common life challenges.

In cases where Depression is severe, Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy is recommended. It is a noninvasive treatment that streams magnetic energy at specific regions of the brain that are involved in mood, excite them and improve communication between different parts of the brain to ease depression symptoms.

Alternative treatments / Lifestyle changes can also help a person manage depression. Some of these include:

-Exercise like running / walking which produce endorphins and affect mood positively.
-Structure Life: Sticking to a daily routine can help manage it better.
-Task Management: Breaking tasks down (while studying, it is called ‘chunking’) into smaller tasks will help manage / complete it.
– Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi to reduce stress and promote well-being.
– Communication: Sharing feelings with friends and family to help pass the day and make it less overwhelming.
– Avoiding alcohol: Reducing alcohol intake may improve mood.

Contact us on 98.453.10070 to learn more about Kripa Revival Centre and our services on offer to anyone who wishes to be rehabilitated of substance abuse disorder, prevent relapse and stay sober. We have trained and experienced professionals to help you get back to long term recovery. Don’t Delay!

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