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Greetings from Kripa !

Our rehabilitation centre has been functioning from Dasarahalli, near Hebbal since 2008 and we are proud to say that we treated thousands of patients from India and overseas!

A year ago, we decided to start our second centre with the aim of providing a exclusive transit facility for our patients who can stay after they finish their treatment. For example, some of these patients who are students (or) those who are working and need a safe place to stay.

Initially the facility was housed at our current centre. With time and demand for more space, we decided to house the facility at a dedicated place / location.

Keeping this in mind, we located our transit facility closeby. Please see photos attached. Here, we provide extra amenities as well for such inmates such as

  • A safe and comfortable stay at a fully loaded and furnished facility.
  • Resident trained counselors to talk to, if needed.
  • Homely Food served at our nearby main centre.
  • For students, coaching by resident senior students/graduate students.
  • For those working, Wi-fi facility, to work from home.
  • monitoring every activity inside and outside when they come in and go out, including followups on their growth.

Here are some pictures of our transit facility:

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