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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Its about 5 months since the pandemic hit us with the force of a typhoon and it still hasn’t been contained yet fully. Even as we write this note, the total number of cases are nearing the 21million mark and 760k lives have been lost globally. In India, we are at the 25lakh mark, and have lost around 50,000 Indians to the virus. It is now
mandated to wear a mask every time we step out and we would request you to follow this simple safeguard, for you and for others. Please also follow social distancing measures and personal hygiene meticulously. Thank you!

In this and the next couple of posts, we will focus on an important aspect that we at Kripa are asked for help every now and then: Intervention !

Some of the aspects we will touch upon are:

What Is a Intervention?
Is an Intervention Necessary?
When Is The Right Time?
What is the right / wrong way?
How successful is Intervention?

An Intervention, as the name suggests, is to intervene, or step in. Usually, this happens in life when things take a turn for the worse. For example, when we see a youngster get angry and loose control, an elder person will intervene and advise restraint and patience.

Similarly, in substance abuse, an Intervention is the act of concerned family or friends to intervene on behalf of the abuser to prevent the abuse from going from bad to worse.

As we have written before (in Addiction), an addicted person usually is in denial about his addiction habits. They will tend to blame external factors like people, places & things or circumstances, but rarely, acknowledge that it is their weakness for drugs/alcohol that is the source of their problems. As such, their habits gets into a vicious cycle and endangers their health and relationships at home, work and in society. Substance abuse therefore affects not only the abuser but also his network of friends and family.

At some point, therefore, the family and friends use the act / process of Intervention to prove the extent of damage of substance abuse to the addict and get him to accept that he needs help.

Thus, when an individual faces upto the fact of the damage that his compulsive habits has caused and accepts help, it may be said that the intervention has been successful. For the addict, it is really the beginning of CHANGE. Many have acknowledged this single act of help to be a life changing event, as they begin rehabilitation, stay sober and start on the road to recovery.

In our next post, we will discuss when is Intervention necessary and focus on the process.

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us on 98.453.10070 to learn more about Kripa Revival Centre and our services (including Intervention) on offer to anyone who wishes to be rehabilitated from substance abuse disorder, prevent relapse and stay sober. We have trained and experienced professionals to help you get back to long term recovery. Don’t Delay!

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