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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Recent media reports highlight that patients recovering from CoVid 19 continue to show subsequent complications with lung & heart issues. Which stresses the point – Prevention is better than a cure. Or, at least until a vaccine is available. Meanwhile, we reiterate our view – please continue to take precautions of wearing a mask, following hygiene and social cum physical distancing measures.

In our recent series of posts, we focus on the concept of Intervention, whereby concerned family and friends can help a substance abuser from confronting the reality of his problem and seek help with rehabilitation.

While Intervention may be deemed as an act, ‘staging’ one is a process. We suggest that a couple of issues be taken into account such as:

  • Consulting with an Interventionist or resources from a rehabilitation centre like Kripa
  • Such professionals will help in the planning that is required, the team required and lead the intervention
  • Taking help from other family members or friends. Intervention is a group activity, not a solo effort
  • Planning the day, time and location
  • Information about the substance abuser so that the relevant solution can be offered
  • What to say, when to say and how to say should matter a great deal & preparation is necessary
  • No resorting to blame games, no personal attacks on character and morals
  • Emphasizing that all is not lost and that there is a solution
  • Offering help by each person involved
  • Should the substance abuser refuse treatment, he should be told of the consequences in terms of the downward spiral. Secondly, family and friends should then change their behavior

It is important to note that not all intervention attempts may prove to be positive. Any amount of planning and offers of help may still not have expected positive outcomes. The substance abuser may still refuse offers of help. However, friends and family should stick to stated offers of help and other assurances made. Otherwise, the substance abuser may experience undue stress, slowing or delaying their reformation.

For sure, an intervention should not be done under co-ercion or force, intended to shame the subject, involve anger and hurt and should never come as a complete surprise to the abuser. In short, interventions that are well meaning, based on unconditional support, love and well being are required to make it a success.

In our next post, we will touch upon briefly on the different types of interventions.

If you need our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 98.453.10070 to learn more about Kripa Revival Centre (including Intervention) on offer to anyone who wishes to be rehabilitated from substance abuse disorder, prevent relapse and stay sober. We have trained and experienced professionals to help you get back to long term recovery. Don’t Delay!

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