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Hello Dear Kripa Readers. Over the past 8 months, we have covered quite a bit of ground writing here with a view to inform, educate and convey.

Lets take a walk down memory lane with a snapshot of the posts here::

  1. We showcased Kripa Revival Centre Founder, Dr. Benedict Reddy’s life and did a Q & A with him.
  2. The story behind the logo of Kripa Revival Centre.
  3. We covered 2 True Life Stories with Anand, Alex & John. Real people but for maintaining their privacy, fictitious names.
  4. We wrote an Introduction to Addiction, why its a disease, its signs, prevention, dangers, stages to addiction, the difference between abuse and addiction, addiction treatment and how to deal with it for caregivers.
  5. Of all the rehabilitation centres in Bangalore & Karnataka, we wrote as to why Kripa Revival Centre should be your centre of choice.
  6. We covered a lot of writing ground on Rehabilitation who was it for, the process, and the outcomes one can expect from it.
  7. Counselling, its need & importance, approaches to treating both adolescents and adults have been written about.
  8. Two events that we at Kripa have conducted – a Blood Camp and an Open Day event at Maldives were shared.

We have a long way to go, much to write and share with you. Keep watching this space and we encourage you to read our posts. Share it too, with folks whom it might help. Importantly, we welcome your comments, feedback & suggestions.

Kripa Revival Centre is a rehabilitation centre located in Bangalore. We specialize in an integrated and holistic treatment of people addicted to substance abuse.

Counselling is our strong point and a mainstay of our therapy.

If you or anyone you know needs qualified help for a loved one, please call us on 9845310070 immediately. Don’t Delay!

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