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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Many states in India have now lifted lockdowns and it appears like Life & Business is limping back. However, this is not a moment for letting our guard down. The virus is catching those people unawares who are not following simple procedures like wearing
a mask, following social distancing and practicing rigorous personal hygiene. We request you to take care and stay safe & healthy.

In this post, we continue on our series of posts revolving on the subject of Depression. Earlier, we had introduced the subject of Depression, its diagnosis and treatment.

In this post, we will see which causes which – does Depression cause Substance Abuse or does Substance Abuse lead to Depression.

Studies have shown that substance abuse over a period of time could cause mood disorders, such as depression, due to changes in the structure of the brain. However, research also indicates that the converse could be true — i.e. that mood disorders cause substance abuse.

There is evidence that prior and repeated exposure to drugs enhances a persons vulnerability to depression and stress related problems.

Evidence in America points out to 1 in 5 adults suffering from mental illness and about half of those suffering are affected by substance abuse. Similarly, those who suffer from depressive bouts within the past year are 3 times likelier to abuse alcohol.

As we said in our previous post, people tend to turn to substances for relieve when they are struggling with stress and anxiety. Drugs and alcohol help alleviate the emotional pain for stretches of time. Sadly, this relief is temporary and as such, the substance abuser tends to consume more to seek the same level of relief. As we explained in our posts on addiction, this is a vicious cycle. Thus arises a co-occuring problem.

In short, science and facts establish a clear, bi-directional link between Depression and Substance Abuse, a sort of symbiotic relationship.

One truth is also very clear – whether depression leads to substance abuse or vice versa, treatment is needed to recover. At Kripa, we have the necessary experience, expertise and professionals to help.

Contact us on 98.453.10070 to learn more about Kripa Revival Centre and our services on offer to anyone who wishes to be rehabilitated of substance abuse disorder, prevent relapse and stay sober. We have trained and experienced professionals to help you get back to long term recovery. Don’t Delay!

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