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Ready, steady, RECAP!

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre and our Blog here, a resource for our page visitors. Over the many months that we have posting here, we have given our perspective on many aspects to our work at our Rehabilitation Centre. The issues that we have written about focuses on our work covering: Addiction Counselling Depression Recovery […]

Kripa Revival Centre, for you

Greetings Kripa Blog Visitors and Readers. India is now the tenth highest ranked country in terms of declared CoVid19 cases and has the steepest climbing graph, with both the number of new cases and deaths. It seems likely to rise further and the curve shows no sign of either receding or flattening! Stay safe, folks, […]

Distancing is must but not Isolation

Dear Friends! Greetings from all of us here at Kripa Rehabilitation Centre. The Corona Virus – CoVid19 – to be precise! – is proliferating around the world. We are in the midst of a time that nobody had foreseen. It is imperative that we comply and cooperate with the instructions as issued by the government […]

Why choose Kripa?

Greetings from Kripa! We’ve written earlier that Substance Abuse Disorder is a terrible condition to be in, one that causes pain and suffering to the lives of addicts/alcoholics and their families. In this post of ours, we focus on the facilities that Kripa Revival Centre provides as a rehab facility to treat¬† patients. Choosing the […]

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