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Kripa during the pandemic

Q: What is Kripa Revival Centre doing to protect inmates during the pandemic? A: At Kripa Revival Centre, we are being extremely cautions and go to great lengths to protect the safety of not only our inmates / patients but also every visitor to our facility. We are not taking any chances. Safety is our […]

Successful treatment post an Intervention

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. We hope you – dear reader / visitor – are taking all precautions to stay safe from the Coronovirus. Though data shows many of those who tested postive and recovered from the illness after hospitalization, there is also emerging data that points out to a whole host of post-hospitalization complications […]

Types of Interventions

Hello & Greetings from Kripa Revival Center. India’s strategy of early & strict lockdown appears to not have worked. As cities are getting unlocked, the surge and spikes are beginning to show. Currently, we are the second worst hit country by the coronavirus pandemic in the world after the United States.Its more than just a […]

Intervention Process

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Recent media reports highlight that patients recovering from CoVid 19 continue to show subsequent complications with lung & heart issues. Which stresses the point – Prevention is better than a cure. Or, at least until a vaccine is available. Meanwhile, we reiterate our view – please continue to take precautions […]

Necessity for Intervention

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. We hope you are taking necessary precautions of wearing a mask, following hygiene and social cum physical distancing measures. In our last post, we introduced the concept of Intervention and how it is the starting point of a drug addicts path to reformation. To recap, an intervention is an action […]


Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Its about 5 months since the pandemic hit us with the force of a typhoon and it still hasn’t been contained yet fully. Even as we write this note, the total number of cases are nearing the 21million mark and 760k lives have been lost globally. In India, we are […]

Ready, steady, RECAP!

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre and our Blog here, a resource for our page visitors. Over the many months that we have posting here, we have given our perspective on many aspects to our work at our Rehabilitation Centre. The issues that we have written about focuses on our work covering: Addiction Counselling Depression Recovery […]

On Depression – Treatment

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Even as we are writing this, the overall number of CoVid positive cases in India have crossed the 1.6million mark, out of which more than 1.06million have recovered. The pandemic has caused around .36deaths, which is less than 2.5%. Globally, the total number is 17.3 million out of which 10.2million […]

On Depression – Signs & Symptoms

Hello & Greetings to our Blog readers from Kripa Revival Centre. The pandemic is now ~125 days old and every day, information about the virus – SARS COV 2 – and the disease it causes – CoVid 19 – are being obtained. The information is being used by researchers to develop a vaccine that will […]

On Depression – Part 4

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Many states in India have now lifted lockdowns and it appears like Life & Business is limping back. However, this is not a moment for letting our guard down. The virus is catching those people unawares who are not following simple procedures like wearinga mask, following social distancing and practicing […]

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