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On Depression – Treatment

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Even as we are writing this, the overall number of CoVid positive cases in India have crossed the 1.6million mark, out of which more than 1.06million have recovered. The pandemic has caused around .36deaths, which is less than 2.5%. Globally, the total number is 17.3 million out of which 10.2million […]

On Depression – Signs & Symptoms

Hello & Greetings to our Blog readers from Kripa Revival Centre. The pandemic is now ~125 days old and every day, information about the virus – SARS COV 2 – and the disease it causes – CoVid 19 – are being obtained. The information is being used by researchers to develop a vaccine that will […]

On Depression – Part 4

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! Many states in India have now lifted lockdowns and it appears like Life & Business is limping back. However, this is not a moment for letting our guard down. The virus is catching those people unawares who are not following simple procedures like wearinga mask, following social distancing and practicing […]

On Depression – Part 3

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! India has now overtaken Brazil to occupy the 2nd spot globally with positive cases. This is a moment of nationwide worry and if we all collectively do not do our part to stem this rise, we will have only ourselves to blame. It is our collective duty to do 3tasks […]

On Depression – Part 2

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre! There are green shoots beginning to show up all over the world about heasing of CoVid 19. Let us continue to take precautions that will protect our health, our loved ones and the larger community that we live in. Simple precautions such as wearing a mask, following social distancing measures […]

On Depression & more

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. We are now at a period of rising cases in our city, our country and it’s not yet over across the world. Studies have shown that simple precautions such as wearing a mask, following social distancing measures and personal hygiene can reduce the likelihood of catching an infection. We request […]

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